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Top 5 Things Likely to Get Damaged During Home Removals

Some things are more likely to get damaged while moving than others. Here are the top 5 things likely to get damaged during home removals – and how to prevent such damages.

#1 – Drinking Glasses

Not surprisingly, drinking glasses are right at the top of the list of breakables. It is, however, quite easy to prevent damages by:

  • Using the correct box. So-called “dish-pack” boxes have double-thick walls for added protection, so these are the most suitable type of boxes for this purpose.
  • Placing each glass horizontally onto packing paper, and (starting at the corner) rolling the glass into it, making sure to tuck the paper’s sides in (like wrapping burritos). Depending on each glass’ thickness, this process needs to be repeated 3 to 5 times using additional sheets of paper. Once adequately wrapped, label the parcel犀利士
    to prevent the glass being thrown out with the wrapping paper when unpacking (this is especially important for smaller glasses).
  • Using crumpled packing taper to cushion the bottom of the box.
  • Placing wrapped glasses vertically (this is much more secure) into the box in one layer.
  • On completing the first layer, adding a layer of packing paper.

Repeating these layers until your box is full, making sure to use crumpled packing paper to fill any remaining space.

#2 – Plates

All too often placed into boxes with too little padding, plates are sadly the second-likely thing to get damaged during home removals. Again, damages can be prevented by wrapping each plate in up to 5 sheets of packing paper, labelling them and placing them vertically into the cushioned box; placing sheets of paper onto each layer of plates and finishing off by filling any left-over space with crumpled paper.

#3 – Artwork, Glass Picture Frames & Mirrors

Glass frames, artwork and mirrors are frequently damaged because moving boxes are inadequately cushioned and/or gaps are left at the top. To prevent damaging these items:

  • Use a picture box.
  • Line the box’s bottom with crumpled sheets of paper.
  • Place your artwork into the box and stuff the front, back, sides and top of the box with paper and/or bubble wrap, making sure there are no gaps left anywhere.

#4 – Lampshades

Often large and awkwardly shaped, lampshades can be difficult to pack. Unless packed properly, they can easily be torn or dented. Prevent this from happening by:

  • Using separate boxes for each shade.
  • Wrapping each shade in bubble wrap, making sure every inch is covered.
  • Filling the shade’s interior cavity with crumpled packing paper (avoid using newspaper, as the print may rub off onto your shades).
  • Cushioning the box with crumpled packing paper, placing the shade into it and securing it with more crumpled paper to prevent it from shifting.

Do not place anything (even soft items like linen, for instance) on top of the shade, just add more crumpled paper to the top to stop the shade moving.

#5 – Stereo Equipment

People often place multiple components of their stereo equipment into a box without any padding between them. This, of course, can cause all kinds of damage. To prevent damage:

  • Wrap the first component in bubble wrap, making sure it is completely covered.
  • Tape the bubble wrap to keep it in place and place the item vertically into a box (a “dish-pack” box or a double-corrugated box is ideal unless, of course, you still have the original box and packaging materials).
  • Wrap the next component and place it into the box next to the first one. Do not stack components, but place all of them (or as many as you can fit into your box) side by side.

Stuff crumpled paper into any spaces between components, then add paper to the top for extra cushioning and to prevent items from moving around.

Final Packing Tips for Home Removals

Naturally, it is important not to make boxes too heavy, as excessive weight could lead to potentially serious personal injuries. Boxes containing heavier items (i.e. glasses, plates, etc.) should be double or triple taped (taping in both directions) to ensure bottoms don’t drop out. Better still, you can make sure your belongings are packed safe and secure by letting our professional packers do the job for you. Learn more.