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At our depot locations, we boast state-of-the-art storage facilities purpose-built for modern needs. Rest assured that your possessions will be carefully packed and sealed in specialised containers to safeguard against any potential damage caused by external factors. Our round-the-clock monitoring system ensures that everything you entrust to us is fully insured and kept secure. We go the extra mile to accommodate your unique storage requirements. If you have specific needs, we can construct storage containers tailored to your specifications. After packing your items, we provide you with a comprehensive inventory list, and log your belongings into our advanced retrieval system. When you need to retrieve something from storage, just give us a call to schedule an appointment. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and can quickly locate and retrieve your belongings upon request. Our secure warehouse storage facilities cater to both domestic and business storage needs. Whether you require data and archive storage or need to store excess office equipment, we have you covered.



    • We have our own containerised, secure storage facilities complete with security gates, CCTV and alarms
    • All units are fully isolated and security sealed
    • All stored property is fully insured against damage/loss, both at our warehouse and during transit
    • All collected/stored items are fully inventoried, and clients will receive a copy of this inventory


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