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Professionally Trained Packers

Our removals team are professionally trained in a comprehensive range of packing services.

We can pack and wrap all items from fragile and delicate items to large pieces of furniture.

Our packing crew consists of expert art handlers, skilled technicians, and experienced packers who have received professional training, ensuring that your belongings are secure in their hands. The team utilise specially crafted boxes and packaging materials to safeguard your possessions during transit. Moreover, for antiques or unconventional items, we provided additional protection using crates.
The Moving Home Company provides a variety of house-moving packing services, allowing you to choose the most appropriate option for your requirements. Our packages are designed to provide maximum value for your money. Our packers are professionally trained to handle your belongings, regardless of whether you are moving locally, nationally, to Europe, or other international destinations. They recognise that they are handling your most cherished possessions. Using carefully designed materials, we will securely pack your belongings and ensure their safety during transportation. Our packing and unpacking options can make your move stress-free and time efficient.

We offer a wide range of packing services, so you can pick and choose exactly what you would like us to do:

Full Packing Service:

Relocating to a new home can be a stressful and tiresome experience, and pacing can often be the most time-consuming aspect of the process. However, we can alleviate this stress by taking full responsibility for packing your entire home.
We will pack your smaller items into specially crafted moving boxes and ensure that your larger possessions are carefully wrapped for added protection. Moreover, we offer the additional service of disassembling and reassembling one or two furniture pieces at no extra charge.

Unpacking Service:

Following a long and exhausting move, unpacking your possessions may be the last thing you wish to do. Recognising the diverse requirements of our clients, we have created am unpacking service that enables you to quickly settle into your new home. We have two options available:
  • Unpacking onto only surfaces: In the event that you haven’t made a decision regarding where you want your possessions to be unpacked, we will only unpack them onto the surfaces within the relevant rooms. For instance, kitchen items will be unpacked onto kitchen surfaces, china onto dining room surfaces, and bedding and clothing onto beds. Additionally, we will ensure that your new home is clutter-free by disposing of empty boxes and debris.
  • Unpack and put away service: If you have a clear idea of where you want your belongings to be placed in your new home, our personalised unpacking service is ideal for you. Beforehand, we will work with you to determine where each item or box should be placed and then label everything accordingly. Our team will meticulously unpack your belongings and ensure that they are put in their designated locations. As with our other services, we will remove empty boxes and debris from your home, leaving you with a clutter-free space to settle in. Please note that this highly personalised service requires your continuous instruction.

Fragile Packing Service:

If you prefer to handle the majority of your packing yourself but are concerned about delicate items, we can assist by packing your breakable and fragile possessions. These items may include delicate china, glassware, ornaments, pictures, and mirrors. We take great care in packing and delivering your fragile effects, ensuring that they are handled with the utmost attention and care.


If you would like to pack your belongings at your own pace, we can provide you with the necessary materials prior to your move. Please be advised that we cannot be held liable for any damage or loss incurred to self-packed items if you choose this option. Please refer to our insurance policy for further information.
For those who prefer to unpack their possessions themselves, we offer a self-unpacking service. You will have six weeks to complete the unpacking process, after which you can either return the materials to us in person or arrange for a free collection within the M25 are around London by calling out team.

Overseas Export Wrapping:

When it comes to transporting household or personal items overseas, we use a specialised wrapping and packing method to ensure that your possessions arrive safely. Our export wrapping process involves expert wrapping and packing of all furniture and prized possessions using high-quality export materials such as bubble blanketing, which is a combination of plastic bubble wrap and durable cotton.
We understand that long-distance haulage may be turbulent, which is why we take great care in protecting your belongings. Additionally, we offer crating services for specialised items, such as artwork, pianos, plasma televisions, and more. This extra level of protection ensures that your most precious possessions are well-secured during transportation.

If either one of these options meets your need, simply fill out our form below, detailing your exact requirements. We will then instantly contact you with a quote.


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