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Office Removals

Moving Home Company Office Removals - Minimising Disruption, Loss of Productivity and Stress during Your Company's Move.

Moving Home Company Office Removals UK

Commercial & office removals can cause a great deal of stress and disruption to your staff, as well as potentially leading to a significant loss of productivity. Combining carefully considered strategies, excellent forward planning and first-class IT relocation, Moving Home Company minimise these issues by providing you with a team leader to guide you/your staff through every stage of the process from the word ‘go’.


Keeping everyone concerned well informed through clear briefings & easy-to-follow documents, we ensure:

  • Your office/commercial removal is smooth & seamless with well-considered time lines and logical, good communication lines
  • All necessary Health & Safety requirements are complied with precisely
  • By the day you move, everything will have been done in a way that enables your employees to resume their duties upon arrival at your new premises


To ensure this is possible, we can undertake the bulk of the removal over the course of a single weekend. Using state-of-the-art decommissioning/recommissioning techniques and handling equipment, our team of IT specialists will ensure your IT relocation is equally smooth, efficient and free of unexpected ‘teething’ problems.


Unlike many other removal companies, we do not ‘abandon’ you once your initial move is completed, but offer outstanding after-care services designed to keep your business running efficiently. Here to guide you through any changes/problems, we can assist with any further requirements you may have with regards to furniture, workstations or IT, including:

  • Further Refurbishment or Repairs
  • Recycling & Waste Disposal
  • Short/Long Term Storage
  • Document/File Management and More


Our team specialises in office relocation and can handle every aspect of your move, regardless of the size of your business. We meticulously plan and carry out your relocation to the utmost standards, guaranteeing that you achieve efficient outcomes and, most significantly, zero interference with your daily business operations.
We prioritise transparent communication by providing clear briefings and easy-to-understand documents to ensure: a seamless office or commercial relocation with thoughtful timelines and efficient communication channels; precise adherence to all necessary Health and Safety regulations; by the day of the move, all tasks will have been completed in a manner that allows your employees to promptly resume their work upon arrival at your new location.
To facilitate this goal, we can conduct the majority of the relocation process within a single weekend. Our team of IT specialists are equipped with cutting-edge decommissioning and recommissioning techniques which will guarantee a smooth and efficient IT relocation without any unexpected complications.
Distinguishing ourselves from other removal companies, we do not leave you in the lurch once your initial move is finished. Instead, we provide exceptional after-care services to ensure the continued smooth operation of your business. We are available to support you with any changes or issues that arise, and we can help fulfil any additional needs you may have in terms of:
  • Furniture
  • Workstations
  • IT
  • Additional refurbishment or repair work
  • Eco-friendly recycling and waste disposal
  • Flexible short/long-term storage options
  • Expert document and file management
Recognising the unique nature of every office move, we offer a range of office removal services that can be tailored to your specific requirements. These services include porterage, crate-free moves, IT relocation services, and business storage. Whether you are upgrading to a larger office, downsizing to a smaller one, transferring departments within a building, or relocating an entire company across the globe, we are capable of handling moves of any size and scope.
Our business relocation team understands that office moves present unique challenges, including managing large-scale operations within budget and schedule constraints. With our skilled team of removal specialists at your disposal, we will provide expert guidance throughout every stage of your move. Rest assured that, whatever obstacles may arise, the Moving Home Company possesses the expertise, experience, and resources to surmount them.

What is an Office Removal?

Office removals, also known as office moves and churn, are specialised services provided to businesses and organisations that are relocating. Such moves often require IT relocation services, audits, transportation of desks, chairs, and other office furniture, as well as safe and secure relocation of employees’ personal belongings and document transfer. Additionally, an office move may entail responsible disposal of unwanted office equipment, safe handling of heavy equipment (such as servers), and access to flexible short/long-term storage solutions.


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