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Policy Summary

This summary contains the key features of your insurance policy. It does not contain the fullTerms and
conditions, which can be found in the insurance policy wording. It is particularly Important that you
read the sections on key exclusions and key limitations. You must reviewYour cover and inform us
immediately if at any time any of the information contained in theStatement of insurance is incorrect
or changes.

Key benefits and features of the whole policy

Insurance will include goods such as home wares, personal effects, antiques, antique furniture, fine art, even motor vehicles and in the event of loss of or damage to your goods during the time that removers, shippers, carriers or warehouse keeper have custody and control, insurers will indemnify you against such accidental physical loss or damage from the time your goods were packed to the time it reaches your home or destination specified by you including storage up to 30 days.

You could pay more to include “Extended” cover or to include storage beyond 30 days.

We have chosen to provide a plain English wording, without the use of complicated institute clauses, normally Associated with transit insurance of commercial goods.

The maximum we would pay is the Sum insured: As declared to us on the acceptance form.

Key exclusions or limitations of the whole policy

Certain goods – as per your conditions – are excluded. Also the amounts payable for any one item will not be greater than shown within the packing list. Certain causes of damage are also excluded, for instance delay or Damage before your cover was in place.

The policy excesses are as follows: –

Domestic Moves:

£100 each and every claim.

International Moves:

1% of the declared value, with a £50.00 minimum and £250.00 maximum each and every
claim. If your goods were packed by anyone other than a professional removal company, insurers will not pay claims for:

Please mark owner-packed items clearly on the packing list

Please note the policy excludes undamaged items in pairs and sets, electrical or mechanical
Derangement (electrical items failing to work without any obvious cause or damage) and mold or mildew

Please note the time limitation for submitting a claim as detailed below.


It is a condition of the insurance that the sum insured represents the full replacement value of your goods. If you fail to declare the full replacement value, in the event of a claim you will only be entitled to claim for the proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the total replacement value of your property.

Basis of Claims settlement

Insurers will at their option indemnify you by payment or by repair reinstatement or replacement; This
policy doesn’t’ t provide new for old cover.

How to cancel

If you decide that you no longer require the policy, tell us of your decision in writing or by phone using the contact Details provided below within 14 days of buying the policy. Please refer to your policy wording for full cancellation Terms, including cancelling after the first 14 days.

You can cancel your policy by contacting your remover or their broker Gauntlet Relocation Insurance Brokers +44 (0)7495 439580

How to make a claim

  1. You are required to notify your Remover of any loss/damage within 7 days of the agreed delivery date. A description of each item and details of damage must be Given. Notification to the Remover in writing.
  2. The claim form must be returned to us within 14 days for UK and European Move and 30 days for international moves. Repair estimates (if applicable) should be forwarded to the Remover as quickly as possible.
  3. Claims for parts of pairs or sets (e.g. dinner services) that are not lost or damaged will not be responded to.
  4. In some cases, a Loss Adjuster will be appointed to inspect the goods and to handle the claim on behalf ofyour Remover. All correspondence etc should be directed to the Loss Adjuster.


Choice of law

Your policy is governed by the law that applies to where you reside within the United Kingdom, Channel
Islands or Isle of Man. If there is any disagreement about which law applies, English law will apply in which
case you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in England and Wales. Unless agreed
otherwise, we will communicate with you in English.