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Moving Small Loads Internationally

If you are planning on moving small loads internationally, you should consider using our flexible small moves service. Here is why.


Moving Small Loads Internationally


When you only need to move a small load to another country, arranging suitable transport can seem like an excessively stressful, endless task. If you are faced with this ordeal, our small move service is the perfect alternative solution for you.


Removing the risk of injury by lifting heavy items and eliminating the stress of finding the most suitable transport solution for your belongings, our small international moves service provides you with a choice of two options:


  • If you urgently require your items, you can have them delivered swiftly & directly via airfreight.
  • If, on the other hand, there is no hurry for your effects to arrive, you can choose our more cost-effective part-load option, where you share space in a container with other small consignments being shipped to the same destination.


Does one of these solutions meet your requirements? Simply detail your precise requirements on the form below. One of our international move consultants will then contact you to give you a quote.