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Factors to Consider Before Wall-Mounting Your TV

After moving to a new home, you may well be considering mounting your TV on a wall to save floor space and/or make it easier for everyone in the room to see it by raising the screen. There are, however, a few important factors to consider before wall-mounting your TV.

Other Devices, Space and Weight

The first of these factors is whether you will have adequate space nearby to accommodate other devices (DVD/Blu-Ray and/or Video players, games consoles, cable/satellite boxes, etc.) within easy reach of your TV’s in/out ports.

Installing floating shelves or a bookcase (with holes drilled in the back to allow for leads to be threaded through) below the TV is one way to solve this problem. This, of course, means you will need to consider whether your wall will be able to bear the weight of your TV and any other necessary shelving.

If wall-mounting your TV/shelving on a drywall, it is imperative to find studs to anchor your screws (either with a stud finder or, if you don’t have one, by following the tips provided here). Do not be tempted to use drywall anchors, as the weight of even the lightest modern TV is likely to eventually pull them through the wall and have your TV end up falling to the floor.

Concealing Leads

Then, of course, there is the question of trailing leads. Having even a single lead trail down and potentially even across your wall (depending on where your nearest power outlet happens to be) is not only unsightly, it could potentially be dangerous if, for instance, a child or pet should get ‘hooked up’ on a lead, which could bring the whole lot crashing down.

You can prevent trailing leads by:

  • Having a professional install your leads inside the wall
  • Having a professional install a power outlet next to/behind the TV
  • Installing a cable cover to hide/protect the leads

Accessing Ports

When wall-mounting your TV, you will also need to think about your ability to quickly and easily access in/out ports in case you want to replace existing devices attached to it or add new ones. If the ports are at the back of the TV, a wall mount you can telescope away from the wall will make life easier and prevent you having to ‘unmount’ your TV every time you need to access the ports.

Viewing Angle

If you like to adjust the angle of 威而鋼
your TV according to where you choose to sit and/or to prevent sun creating excessive glare at different times of the day, you should consider purchasing an adjustable wall-mount.


Finally, but perhaps most importantly, make sure you have the necessary tools (stud finder, drill, a drill bit matching the size of your wall plugs/screws and a screwdriver) and expertise (not everyone is good at DIY) to safely mount your TV.

Help with Wall-Mounting Your TV

If you have doubts about your DIY skills, lack the necessary tools or simply cannot face having to deal with wall-mounting your TV after a hard day’s work moving home, our professional handymen can do the job for you. Learn more here.