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Furniture Hoist Hire

Moving Home Company Furniture Hoist Hire Makes Even High-Rise Removals Easier!

Truck-mounted and available for local, national and European removals, our furniture hoist enables lifting of large, awkward items and furniture up to almost any window, balcony or roof terrace, removing the need for a permanent hoist or scaffolding.

Efficient, economical and quick, our hoist is the perfect way to hoist up known quantities of furniture/other large and awkward items during removals or deliveries.

Make kitchen items, sofas and carpets; air-con units, bookcases and furniture; timber, pianos & other awkward large items weighing up to 400kg easy and simple to move with Moving Home Company Furniture Hoist Hire.

  • Supplied with Trained Operator
  • No Scaffolding Required
  • Fast Installation Time
  • 27m Reach
  • Lifting Capacity up to 15 – 16 Cubic Metres/Hour
  • Saves Time, Effort & Money
  • Hourly & Day Rates Available

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To learn more about Moving Home Company Furniture Hoist Hire and/or get a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us on 08000 741 741 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a furniture hoist?

Often also referred to as a lifting hoist, removal lift, furniture crane or elevator crane, a furniture hoist is basically a truck-mounted lifting (hoisting) platform with the capacity to raise heavy loads of up to 400kg up to balconies, windows and so on.

What type of item can be lifted with this hoist?

Our furniture hoist can lift anything from kitchen appliances and furniture to pianos, sofas and bookcases; air-conditioning units, timber, carpets and more. The maximum weight capacity of the hoist is 400kg.

What areas do you cover?

Our hoist is based in London, but is available for removals across the UK. We can also arrange for our hoist to be available for use during removals to Europe.

Isn’t using a hoist going to be expensive?

Using our furniture hoist to move large, heavy items makes removals both quicker and easier. Combined with our reasonable hire rates, this means you ultimately safe on time, effort and money – making use of our hoist a highly efficient and cost-effective option