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A growing number of customers are in need of storage solutions, whether it be for a brief or extended period. Some clients require storage services when travelling overseas, whilst others need it during the transitional phase between selling and purchasing a new home. No matter the reason, we are equipped to accommodate all of your storage needs. Our modern warehouse is equipped with top-notch security measures to keep your belongings safe, dry and warm. We offer reduced rates to customers looking for a long-term storage option.

Our company offers top of the line storage facilities that are both secure and containerised. Our storage units are equipped with security gates, CCTV, and alarm systems to ensure maximum safety for your belongings. Each unit is fully isolated and sealed for added security. We also provide comprehensive insurance coverage for any damage or loss that may occur wile your property is stored at our warehouse or in transit. In addition to our security measures, we take inventory for their records. Whatever your storage needs may be, we have you covered.



Containerised Storage:

Containerised storage facilities are an excellent option for individuals or businesses looking for secure and long-term storage solutions. Our warehouses are located in Greenwich allows customers peace of mind as their goods are professionally packed into state-of-the-art wooden crates. These crates are secured and hoisted into the warehouse, making them highly inaccessible without the customer’s instruction. This form of storage is the primary method used by the company and offers excellent security features for customers. By choosing containerised storage, customers can rest assured that their items will be protected and kept in excellent condition for as long as they need.


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